Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scandi Super Saturday!

These are the 10 songs competing in this Saturday's DMGP 2010!

'All About a Girl' is co written by Ronan Keating but it is all about Sukkerchok for me!

As Scandinavian Super Saturday is only a few days away the excitement is building as Norway and Iceland also select this weekend!

In Iceland I am hoping Hera wins and I think she is in with a great chance as her song is so different to the othe finalists.

Over in Norway I am torn between a few favourites, I love A1, Dridrik and Venke and have a soft spot for Maria.

I like Rolf Lovland's song but I felt Maria was weak vocally during the semis.

Alexander's entry doesn't grab me as 'Find my Girl' did.

'Yes Man' is catchy and may be in with an outside shot.

KOK is the one song I fear and hope that Norway doesn not vote for it as there are much better and more appealing songs in their final for the Eurovision audience to enjoy.

In the end I think it will be between Dridrik and A1 and it's a tough one to call!