Friday, February 19, 2010

Can they reach the Headlines?

After two average heats at Melodifestivalen, this weeks batch from Goteborg sound a lot more promising!
Based on the 1 minute clips I am impressed with Alcazar's 'Headlines'!
This song was initally offerred to Eric Sadde who won last weeks heat with 'Manboy' and the rumoured group who submitted the demo were the colourful Caracola!
There is a lot of strong competition in this heat with a mix of everything from schlager in girlband Timoteij and The Lion King in Yeba!
The final is dominated by testosterone so it would be nice to see some of the girls make it tomorrow night. I think Darin is a dead cert qualifier with the other direct spot most likely for Alacazar with strong compeition from 'Sweden's Got Talent' winner Eric Linder.
The other remaining spot could be Crucified Barbara (what a frightening name!) but I would love to see Timoteij or Elin make it.
It is all about Alcazar for me. This is a group that never fail to provide us with fantastic fan favourite songs every time they enter. Many questioned their return this year particularly after 'Stay the Night' but this is a very different song similar to 'Alcastar'. They always provide us with fun pop that makes us feel good.
Many in Sweden believe that it could be their time to be sent to Eurovision and I agree!
Check out the clips here.


Evan C said...

I agree....they should finally be given the chance by the Swedish public & the jury! they deserve it...everything u said is right!

David said...

Vote for your favourite songs in EUROVISION CHART -> !:)