Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Direkt till Olympisky!!!

What an exciting night! I am thrilled with the qualifiers! All of my favourites bar Andorra and Switzerland made it. I thought Switzerland were not as strong vocally as I had heard them before.

I was so proud of Malena I thought she looked and sang brilliantly. Many were critical of her background but I found it enchanting!

Iceland gave me goose bumps!

Portugal was charming!

Israel was better than I expected!

Malta was wonderful!

The presenters were shockingly poor! She looked out of it and was unable to even read her cards! Thankfully we won't see them in the final!

The stage looked magnificent and came across really well. Some camera angles were a bit off but fingers crossed all will be ok for final.

Great draw for Finland and Romania but it is the U.K. that will benefit here. Go Jade!

Israel got the Andy Abraham spot i.e. the killer number 2!

A wonderful night and we have another semi to go yet!

As many of you know I will be flying to Moscow on Friday for the final and I could explode with excitement!

I so hope Ireland qualify as it would make it very special on Saturday night. From semi 2 I want to see Norway, Denmark,Hungary, Greece and The Netherlands make it through.

I will be back next week with updates from our adventure!!

Enjoy it everyone..What a wonderful addiction Eurovision is!!!

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Joe said...

Yes the presenters were bad but the girl's line "The next country to be drawn has to give me a visa" made up for all her bad presentation skills!