Saturday, June 14, 2008

NEW POLL! Who should represent Ireland at Eurovision 2009?

To cope with the fact that there are 335 days left until Eurovision 2009 (Thanks Melodimen!) SchlagerQueen has compiled a list of possible entrants for Ireland in Russia next May. Feel free to leave comments or add others that don't appear on the list. tack så mycket!


Melodimen said...

SQ, it is actually 335 days to go!

Don't see you on the list!
(We could sneak on the stage alongside Charlie McG and join you with the odd ohh and ahh!)

Schlager Queen said...

thanks Mark updated it! im sure charlie is free for a bit of strutting and clicking!

Micko said...

I'm sure Charlie will still be busy bitch-slappin that niece of his for her awful 'performance' with dustin

L-O-G-A-N said...

It has to be SIX beating that Donal who could not give that face 12 points - the most gorgeous dude in europe