Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Hero returns!

Need we say more?

Welcome back Charlotte. You are 'The Girl'!

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generico said...

A ship was soaring over the sea where the sun was shining in the sky. That ship holds the heroic warriors: Digi-Troops. Inside was many male digimon getting information from Commander Leomon about what to do next. Along these digimon were Agumon Kamiya, Patamon Takaishi and the legendary hero Guilmon Matsuki. They had just saved File Island from Mytostimon. He was very powerful and the other were about to be defeated when Guilmon channelled all his friends' energies and defeat Mytostimon with one punch. Now they are returning to the Digital World for a fine rest and Guilmon, Agumon and Patamon were hoping to be reunited with their friends. Guilmon remembered the promise that he made to Renamon Nonaki. He promised her that he will come back safely. He also remembered that day well.