Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Picture of Melodifestivalen jury beginning their judging!

The Melodifestivalen jury have sat down today to go through the 2915 songs in submitted in the 'regular' contest (570 go through the Webjoker selection)

There is an interesting article here (In Swedish) Power ballads and dance tracks seem to be quite popular this year but as usual a diverse range of styles have been received by SVT.
I am thrilled to have submitted songs to Melodifestivalen this year as I have so much love and adoration for their national final.

Rumours of who has submitted entries has already started with two former winners Charlotte and Helena Paparizou expected to be in the mix. Others include Timoteij, E.M.D.(as soloists), Magnus Carlsson, Lina Hedlund, Marin (BWO), Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base, DMGP 2011) and Molly Sanden.

Check out the Aftonbladet article here.

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