Friday, December 31, 2010

Romania Rings in the New Year!

Tonight Romania choose their 2011 entry for Germany aided by international judges Niamh Kavanagh, Johnny Logan and Chiara!

The fan favourite is Claudia Pavel with a powerful song written and produced by a team of Swedes, how could i not be fabulous?!

There are a number of strong songs and 1 rubbish one (Facebook Girl!). Others of interest include:

Dalma (She made it to bootcamp in this years UK X Factor!)
Blaxty Girls (They have made it to the Romanian final a number of times, could this be their year?)

Directia 5
Hotel FM

These are three big contenders with Laeticia's 'Dreaming of You' offering something that could stand out amongst the 13 finalists.

It all kicks off at 8 CET. Happy New Year!!!!

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