Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When the Ukraine finally get their ass in gear we will have our full line up for 2010!

Yesterday's draw proved positive for Ireland in between two very different songs and away from the big players eg. Croatia.

I am delighted that Belarus and Iceland will close the first semi as these are two songs I love!

Despite reservations by many that 2010 was going to be a very poor year for songs I think the momentum is picking up with updates of many entries and a furthur listen to certain songs.

Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Croatia, Denmark, Israel, Cyprus, Armenia, Belguim, Norway, Romania and Ireland seem to be favoured by many for the win but the contest is still wide open with a lot of contenders for victory.

It is only a few weeks to go before Oslo 2010 kicks off, let's hope it is a fantastic show!

Looking forward to seeing Niamh's video coming soon!

Who do you want to win?
Check out clips of all songs (minus Ukraine) in the above clip!

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