Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Albania have selected, Malta is ongoing and this Friday sees Norway and Finland kick off their national finals!

Melodi Grand Prix heat 1 will take on Friday 8th in Orland.

This heat contains 2 of schlagerqueen's favorites Lene and Maria!

This will definately be a highly contested heat. I will be shouting for Lene and Maria but I am also impressed by the clips by Elisabeth Carew 'Rocketfuel' and Bjorn 'Yes Man'

You can hear the 5 clips here

Over in Finland 2 songs stand out in this heat Amadeus- 'Anastacia' and Nina Lassender- 'Cider Hill' with Amadeus in with a great chance in my opinion if the staging works.

Check out the Finnish finalists here

I will be updating a lot more now that Euro season has finally kicked off again and focusing on Eurosong and Melodifestivalen in particular!

Enjoy x


Pierre said...

Sounds great to hear you're back to updating more regularily! I look forward to come back. :-)

Micko said...

Welcome back SQ, ahh seems like only yesterday....

Aidan said...

@ Pierre and Micko
Thanks looking forward to it!

Simon Sjögren said...

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