Friday, July 3, 2009

Fornebu is the new Telenor!

The Fornebu Arena will play host to the wonderfullness that is Eurovision 2010!
The Fornebu Arena is located in Bærum which is 15 minutes south of Oslo.
The two Semifinals and the Grand Final, along with all rehearsals and press conferences will take place exactly there.
It was selected ahead of the Spektrum, home of the Melodi Grand Prix final and previous Eurovision Song Contest host arena. The Spektrum has a smaller capacity and lacks the size to cope with the media circus that accompanies the competition.
The Telenor/Fornebu Arena is the largest indoor arena in northern Europe and opened in February 2009 and can host 15,000 spectators for football matches, and 23,000 for concerts.
Get ready for us Oslo!

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Micko said...

Looks fabulous and unlike the Olympiski, there's bound to be a beer to be had!!