Friday, October 30, 2009

Eurovision comes to Dublin!

Tired of harassing the DJ for a Eurovision song every time you go to a bar/club? Fear not as next weekend Dublin will become Eurovision central.
The annual fan meet-up has been running for several years and is a great opportunity for fans of the Eurovision to get together from all over Europe. This year the event is taking place in Dublin.
There are two Eurovision themed nights taking place during the first weekend of November. Friday November 6th is the launch night at Panti Bar on Capel St. in the downstairs area.

The evening will be a chance for fans to get together and dance all night to the non-qualifying Eurovision entries from years gone by, so expect lots of fantastic Melodifestivalen classics!

Whether it is songs that just missed out on the ticket to the finals or an entry that flopped like a lead balloon, plenty of fan favourites will be featured on the night. Expect plenty of schlager and key changes!

Saturday November 7th is our main event in the upstairs area once again at Panti Bar and several Eurovision singers from previous years will be attending and performing such as Jean Elliott ( 3rd place in 2004 NF ), Donna McCaul (Ireland 2005) and Sinead Mulvey (Ireland 2009). Mainstream ESC hits will feature throughout the night.

Most importantly, we'll be raising money on the Saturday for the Gay Marraige Support Group. Raffle tickets will go on sale with Eurovision related prizes for the winners on the night.

Both nights will run from 9pm until 2am WITH FREE ENTRANCE and we're expecting a huge turnout! Looking forward to seeing you then!

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